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    [align=left]:?I bought an approximate 4.5 foot tall weeping cherry tree 2 years ago.* Before I could get it planted, it fell over in the pot and my dog chewed if off at about 2 feet above the roots.* I had nothing to loose at that point so I planted it anyway.* It was just a stick coming up out of the roots.* Last year it sent out a* number of branches and they all wept nicely.* But it never grew taller?* This year the weeping branches are very strong and full that all weep and cover the ground around it.* It still has the chewed stub sticking up, but there is no life in it and it does not show any potential of growing taller again.* Is there anything I can do to train it to grow taller again?
    Thanks Kevin

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    Hi Kevin,

    Most all weeping cherry trees are grafted onto other root stock these days (also called the stock root tree).* I suspect the sprouts are from the top part of the tree and the root stock has been damaged.* It can take a long time for the top to get some height, so you probably have a 5 year wait to see any height.* You might find these sites helpful to understand what I'm talking about.* This first site shows where the graft is made.

    Do you know which species of weeping cherry you purchased?* This site lists several.

    This site shows how to prune one that is grafted and limbs have sprouted from the stock root tree.


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