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    Picture 2* Thank you

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    The featured shrub in the center of the photo is a dwarf Alberta spruce aka Picea glauca 'Conica'.* It's actually a tree, but I'm leaving it in the shrubs forum as most folks think if it as a shrub.* It grows very slowly, taking as much as 20 years to reach 7' in height.* The problem is that it will get large over time, as much as 30' tall. Most sites, espcially nursery and garden centers, will say it gets to about 10' tall, but that is only a 10 year projection in most instances.* It does not need to be pruned, but is a variety of spruce that can be sheared if you desire.* Since it's a sun lover you should not prune past living green growth.** The links I gave you in your other post about the shrub I identified as a mugo pine can also be useful for this plant.* The best time to prune is May and June.

    This site shows how to prune a spruce as well as other needled evergreens.

    Here's some info on your dwarf tree.


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