I live in an apartment in a city, and make use of my porch to grow annuals and perennials in containers. I grew coleus this year as well as some perennial herbs. I met a gardener this summer who told me that she overwinters her coleus in her sun room; they die back but then come back in the spring. I, however, do not have a sun room and have limited space within my apartment. Right now, my coleus are on top of my fridge, where they get light but I fear they get too much heat from the refrigerator. I have another option of putting them on a shelf in my entry-way; however, they will receive very limited light. I would like to know which place would be better, or if I should relocate them to another place entirely.

I am also going to try and revive my perennial herbs in the spring. They have mostly died back, and I am wondering if they will survive and where I should be keeping these, as well.

Thanks for any tips!