[align=left]Please take a look at the leaf of my Dracaena that I'm attaching.* I got this plant from someone on craigslist and can't call him because I don't have the number anymore.

When I picked the plant up it was at night and I didn't notice the leaves.* I asked him on the phone if the plants were healthy.* He said the big was "is stellar" and the freebie would take some TLC.* So assuming that he was telling the truth, I picked them up and didn't notice the leaves.

It looks like a mouse has been eating on them.* Can you see that on the sides?* Then I started to clean it up and remove yellow leaves and I saw something that looked like (and probably was) spider leaves.* I took it to the plant store where I buy all plants and he said he's never seen that before and was thinking that the guy had them outside in the summer and that they may have gotten some kind of catapillar eating on them.* Or the web-looking stuff I saw (not much of it) may have been something else.* He looked carefully at it while it was outside in the light.* Neither of us could see any bugs whatsoever.

Any thoughts?* It's a beautiful and big Dracaena... but I'll throw it out if you think it might be harmful to my cacti and other plants.* I moved it as far from them as I could to ensure that if something's wrong that it won't bother the other guys!

Thoughts?* The smaller plant (same Dracaena marginata) didn't have the spider web-looking stuff, but the tips of the leaves are turning brown even on the new growth, which is quite abundant.[/align]
[align=left]I scanned one of the leaves, but this site won't allow me to either attach a pdf file or a pasted copy of the scan into a doc.* They said that a pdf file won't be accepted and the doc with the graphic is too big.[/align]
[align=left]If you're willing to help me and think you have the answer, please e-mail me at victoria2dc@gmail.com.* Thanks for your help.