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    Unhappy dwarf apple tree

    I planted 3 dwarf apple trees 2years ago and thought this would be my first year getting fruit. I went out today and looks like about 2 1/2 or 3 feet up something has ate the bark half way around the tree. I am afraid i will lose the tree. is there anything i can do to it to help heal it's wound? I live in a small town and i think deer may have got to it, I am at the edge of town. I hope whatever it is don't bother the other 2 trees. Can you help me!!!

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    Hi Ronald,

    If the bark has been removed entirely around the tree, the chances of survival are next to not at all. Got any pics?

    You can make or purchase some type of tree protector. Here's one type. You can also google 'tree trunk protector' and click on 'Images' to get ideas on how to make one. Just be sure there is room for air circulation and growth of the tree.


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    I did a small search on backyard for the term Tree protector and the following is available:

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