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    These are the veggies I will be growing

    - Cucumbers: Peppers: Eggplants: and Tomatoes

    Mostly all from seed

    Tips for growing these?

    Tips for making a entirely new veggie garden too!

    EDIT: Will be starting indoors. Live in San Jose, California

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    Hi Growing Veggies,

    You don't say if you will be starting your seeds indoors or sowing directly in the.* Based on your other post about growing tomatoes from seed, I'm going to guess you will be starting your seeds indoors and then transplanting outdoors. Do a search for the link.*

    This first site discusses how to start tomatoes from seed. The instructions are basic for starting most other veggie seeds.* There are no pics though.* The second site is for starting herbs from seed and has some great pics, so you might like that one better.* Again, the basics are the same and these sites are for starting your seeds indoors.
    how to sow seeds in flats and pots with pics

    For sowing directly in the garden:

    More tomato and pepper growing info.* I'm guessing that you will be growing sweet peppers.

    Tomato - Based on what you say is your last frost date in your other post, I'm guessing you live in a warm climate such as Florida, Texas or California.

    Tomatoes in Florida:

    Great all around transplant info for growing from seed.

    Growing veggies organically.

    Veggie growing guides.

    How to plan and prepare the garden:

    You might want to make a foldable trellis for your cucumbers.

    The other sites Backyardgardener gave you will also be helpful.


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    These*are the 32 Biodegradeable Strips


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    Cornucopia Seeds

    ********************************* Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Front********************************** *

    ************************* Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Back****************************** *

    ******************************** BeefSteak Front************************************
    ******************************** BeefSteak Back******************************************

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    ********************* My Shovels******************************************* ** *

    Bypass Shears and a Bigger shear

    *********** Gloves******************************************** ***** *


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    ************************* My Rake********************************************** ****************** *

    My Hand Weeder with Watering Can

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    I did a little googling and found that Cornucopia seeds are a new line of seeds from Renee's Garden.

    You can look up Renee's Garden at the Garden Watchdog site I gave you.

    That's a good assortment of tools.* The large pruners are for large branches and you won't be needing those.

    Do you have any pictures of the garden spaces you want to plant in?


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    Okay thanks!

    Would this be better than seed cell trays?

    Measures 1ft 4in (Square [So all sides]) 2 1/2in. deep

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    Here are my garden pics

    ******* This is the side yard*Measures 2ft 9in x 7ft 5in

    Look between roses and tree on left***********************

    ******************************Close-up************************************************ ******************

    Not exactly good pics...but if you*want*better ones*I'll*get them

    Back right corner Measures 1ft 6in x 4ft 3in*

    Close up******************************************** *

    *************************************Top view********************************************** *********************


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