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    After we repotted hem, the new dirt was bad, somekind of aninmals were in it, so we repotted hem again only in few months later. After that the leaves started to fall out, now theres no leaves, and the bole is all soft, and the bark is coming off, we havent watered it now, but no changes the bole is still soft and wet. Is there somethinng to do with hem, or hes dead? Any possibility to make hem feel better?

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    Hi Tjam,

    When you say 'dragontree', I am thinking you mean Dracaena marginata.

    When you say some type of animals were in the soil, I am thinking you mean insects or bugs.* When you say the "bole" is soft, I wonder if you mean the trunk, pole or base of the plant.* If parts of that plant I showed you a picture of are soft, then the plant has rot and will not live.* It sounds like the soil may have been too wet.


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    here what I saw in google when typed dragon tree
    is it what you mean?

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