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    Venus Fly trap. Flowering?????

    I have had my venus fly trap about 6 months ago now. And three stems have started growing. One of them has grown to be about 15cm and has a bud on the end, the other two are about an inch tall. Is this going to become a flower?

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    You can do a search at and put in the search box:
    venus fly trap + flower

    You can even click on 'Images' and get pictures. They do flower, but I don't know that much about them.


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    cheers m8. There are about 4 flowers currently on my plant. They seem to shrivel up after about 3 days. I only recently read that its not good to water the plant with tap water as it has chemicals in it which the plant is sensitive to. But it seems to of been fine up til now. I now know to water it with rain water. I've heard that you can feed the plant small pieces of bacon??? is this true or will it harm my plant? Thanks for hel pin advance!

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    negatory on the bacon good buddy, i've been reading around on carnivores (make no mistake, i've never owned a plant...yet!) and apparently feeding traps meat is bad for 2 reasons, the fat will no be digested and rot, making the plant sick, and because meat is dead, it is inanimate, meaning the plant will not close very tightly.

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    They do flower but you shouldnt let dem unless you experienced cos it can kill them

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    Yes it is definetly a possibility that the plant will die, its purpose is to make seeds. Are you interested in propagating new plants or just seeing the flower?I can tell you what I read on propagating new venus fly traps if you want to know and you don't needs the flower or seeds.


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