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    What's the variety of sunflower?

    Hi, does anybody know the particular variety of sunflower that is very popular at market gardens and roadside stands (in the Northeast at least). You typically find them sold in either bunches of three or five or individually. I'd like to grow them at home this year. Thanks for the help!

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    Bill, do you have any pictures? Would they look like any of these? The species name is Helianthus, and I suspect you mean Helianthus annuus.

    Helianthus annuus

    Helianthus dibilis

    There are many cultivar names, with some of the flowers being more yellow in color, while some are more orange. You might find this helpful.


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    Thanks Newt !

    I had a great misconception that sunflowers have only one type that we usually see in farms , cultivated to extract sunflower oil.

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    really interesting...
    I didn't know that sunflowers could different!

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