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    Planning a very large garden

    I've been gardening for 5 yrs now but have never looked for assistance, I've just shot from the hip, so to speak. I certainly need to learn more! In April of 08 we plowed up a strip of hay field next to our corrals that is 36 x 120 feet long. In spring I burn off any left over weeds or plants and then spray new weeds coming up (cheat grass and alfalfa are difficult to get rid of).

    Because I live in Montana, my growing season is fairly short. I do have a small greenhouse (8 x 10) but I can't put anything in that until about late April. I plan to start some seeds in the house, move to the green house as the weather warms and then transplant into the main garden. I generally plant my garden around the third week of May, but I wait until seedlings are big and healthy (and the weather is warm enough) to transplant.

    I need tips on:

    Getting seedlings started in the house and/or greenhouse
    Transplanting from greenhouse to garden without losing seedlings
    Best varieties or brand of vegetable seeds for our climate (zone 4, hot dry summers, cold nights, growing season from late May to late September).

    I'm sure I need help on a lot more, but I will look through the forums to see if other questions have already been asked.



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    One of the things that we do here in Oregon, because of the unknown weather conditions, is look for veggies that do not need pollination to set fruit, especially in the early part of the growing season. I have actually planted cukes, that were hybred for the green house, in the garden and they have done great. I ordered plants this year from Territorial Seeds, and some of the tomatoes do not need pollination to set fruit. I am sure there are a lot of other veggies that are that way. I believe Cooks Garden have short season seeds for purchase.

    I normally plant my garden around mid May. Some years, depending on the "monsoons" I might need to wait until Fathers Day weekend.


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