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Thread: Growing Garlic

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    Growing Garlic

    Hello... I'd like to try growing garlic again this spring/summer. I'm in NJ, and all of the info I've read says its a fall plant. Can I still grow it in the summer?? What's the deal?? Thanks for your input!

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    I'm going to try it. I failed to get mine planted last fall, so I'm going to plant it in March. I live in Missouri.

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    The only issue you will probably have is the size of the cloves. But with that being said, as soon as you can work the ground get them planted. You are not trying to sell them commercially, so even if the heads are not that big, who caes. They will still have WAAAAAY more flavor than you can get at the store. Fresh is FRESH

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    My Korean neighbor who I call grandma and doesn't speak a word of English plants garlic in the fall. She hand sprinkles the seeds on vegetable garden soil and poof, they all pop up. Over time I will see her thinning the crop to get a better yield. I will have to learn more on how she does this.

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    What kind of garlic does your korean neighbour grow? Here most people only grow Allium sativum. There's a few who eat the local wild garlic (Allium ursinium) but no one grows it because it's so invasive.

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