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    Growing indoors learning survey

    I am doing some research for a school project and I was hoping I could get some feedback from those of you who have grown plants in your home for edible or medicinal purposes. Once I have surveyed a bunch of people I will post the statistics from the questions I've collected here for all to see.

    Please take my quick 10 question survey (you don't have to register anything) and I'll post up the results soon. Thank you::

    SURVEY:Growing edible/medicinal plants indoors

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    1) Lighting: Fluorescent tubes are named for the spectrum of light which they emit. Some spectrum are more efficient than others.
    Deluxe warm white, warm white and deluxe cool white are all conducive to good growth and should be widely available.
    All types of growing light should have a reflector box around them directing the light towards the plants.
    You should get the longest light that will fit into your space and the highest wattage you can find.
    Screw-in grow bulbs are tempting but highly inefficient.
    2) Plant Pot Size: A pot of 6"*6"*6" should be perfect to support good growth.One of these per plant.
    3) Organic Soil Mixes: There are many different types of soil mixes available and they are easy to obtain from garden centers.
    Two proven types are:
    -4 parts topsoil, 1 part peat moss, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part per lite.
    This is moist, contains medium/high amounts of nutrients and is best for hand watering systems.
    -1 part worm castings, 2 parts vermiculite, 1 part per lite.
    This is light-weight and high in nutrients.
    4) Fertilizer: The main nutrients that a plant needs to grow are Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Most plant fertilizers contain these elements and a good, easily available, one is called Grow More.
    If you really want to then here are the some effective ratios of the three elements to be used through the two growth stages.
    Early growth stages: 7-9-5 or 5-10-5 or 4-5-3.
    For the flowering stages use 3-10-4 or 5-20-5 or 4-30-12.
    It is best to build up the amount of fertilizer you use to what is making the plants look healthily green as too much fertilizer can kill the plant.

    Thanks for reading

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