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    So happy to hear that you now know what a pest this can be. I noticed you posted on another post that you were willing to give away cuttings. That is why I wanted you to know all about it so you won't be sharing it with those in another region of the country who might not know about it. The one you have sounds lovely.

    Holly, I too apologize for hijacking your post! Please forgive!


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    Hi HollyAnn,

    I'm new also, I was checking to see what to do with the pods that the Chinese Wisteria grow, and if I can replant the seeds.

    Which you can, but they take along time to grow.

    *Wisteria*is a beautiful vine plant, I have on a trelis at my summer home, I found this link to take care of it.

    Congratulations on your new home.

    *and good luck!*

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