Art, I can sooo relate to having to use something for leverage to get up. I too look around to see what I can do while I'm on the ground. Yesterday, while I was on the road doing a double run for the Pet Railroad, hubby was in the veggie garden turning the soil. When I phoned to tell him I was running late due to an unexpected Great Dane that took up too much room for the other dogs and cat, he was moaning. He said he'd 'wrenched' his back turning over the soil. It was a long night of ice packs, linament and massage. Today he drove 4 hours one way to go see his 92 year old mother who is in the hospital. He just called to say he's on his way home and to have the ice packs and linament on the ready! At least he got his onions in the ground!

Much of the pleasure of my trip yesterday was that I got to drive 2 hours south into almost the central part of SE Virginia. All the forsythia were blooming along with daffodils. I could see the buds on the cherry trees ready to pop and some of the pears were already in bloom. Along with the puppy kisses I got, it made for a great day! Spring is on it's way to you.