I love black raspberries - and I grew up as a boy in the '60s going to my grandmother's house (she was born 1888, her house was built in 1834) and eating lots and lots of fresh, sweet black raspberries from those old raspberry bushes. Around 1900, I read there were over 200 varieties of black raspberries but sadly, only a handful of varieties commercially remain. The alarming thing to me is Cornell or one of the other Univ sites had a prediction that within 25-50 years black raspberries could very well become extinct - and reportedly, black raspberries have the most potent anti-oxidant power of any food product.

Is there anyone who grows/sells any of these old time berries like the Ohio Everbearing, Gault, Ebony, Farnsworth, Ironclad, Daily Bearing, etc?

Secondly, I'd like to buy some Haut black raspberries and I've burned out the Web with no luck. Hartmann supposedly had them once about a time but Haut is no longer listed in their catalog.

Thank you in advance,