I just received the Dwarf Blueberries I ordered. One is a Northblue Dwarf, and the other is a Northsky Dwarf.

I read about the person having trouble keeping their Dwarf Blueberries alive in past post.

I also bought some Blueberry Fertilizer and it says to mix one cup fertilizer to the soil you are planting the Blueberrry in.

I'm going to plant these in large pots, so I plan to mix the fertilizer with the soil in each pot.

I have two choices of pots to use. One has openings at the bottom for drainage and the other has a snap on bottom that keeps some water in the bottom of the pot.

Also I have read that Blueberries have shallow roots. If this is true could I cover a few inches of the bottom of a 13 inch deep pot with packing peanuts to save potting mix or just fill the whole pot with soil?

My question is, does my planting plan sound alright, and which pot should I use?

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.