Hi everybody. I live in zone 6, and plan on having a vegetable garden this late spring and later in summer.
I haven't ever gardened before, except many years ago I had several tomato plants that did very well.
I live in Kentucky, and the soil is mainly red clay. I also think I remember adding a little lime time to time around my tomato plants.
Anyways, I have started the seedlings for tomatoes and peppers and the rest I just plan on directly sowing the seeds in.
I just wanted to join the forum because Im sure I'll have plenty of questions my first gardening season. But for now wondered if anyone can give me any tips and advice for:
- starting seeds: I have them in a jiffy starter kit
- Kentucky soil
These are the vegetable seeds I have bought:

1. Jubilee Tomatoes
2. Beefmaster Hybrid Tomatoes
3. California Wonder peppers
4. Kentucky Wonder pole beans (anyone prefer lines over tee pees or have other ideas?)
5. Great Lakes lettuce
6. Cocozelle Squash
7. Evergreen Bunching Onion
8. Brocoverde Cauliflower

I know several of these vegetables I won't be working with until later this summer, but I would appreciate any advice in advance.
I plan on starting my garden in April, and planting the tomato plants that I hopefully get from my seeds and the peppers and onions. In May I'll start the beans and squash. And in late June or early July the cauliflower and lettuce.

Thank you