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    Lettuce and Spinach

    I live in Zone 5B, Buffalo New York, and a few days of beautiful weather has me impatient to set out my lettuce and spinach on my porch already. Am I jumping the gun a bit? I know greens prefer cooler weather, but do not know if this extends to those in containers. Thanks!

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    Hi There! I am Micci from South Africa and new to the chat. I find it interesting that you plant your veggies in containers. What kind of lettuce and Spinach did you plant and how old are they?

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    Hi GardeningV,

    Having lived where you are, I would suggest you make some type of cold frame to set your pots in until all threat of frost has passed. Here's a map that gives the approximate last frost dates.

    Here's another site as I find the colors in that one hard to read in the lighter blues. Just click on your state.


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