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    Peace Lilly kept in water now dying

    Hello All,

    My sister brought a Peace Lilly for me about a year ago. I've kept it in water since I had it and trimmed the roots when they got to long. It has bloomed twice since I had it. But now, the leaves are turning brown on the ends and some are turning yellow and the plant seems to be dying. :cry:

    Could it be that I trimmed the roots too short the last time or is it something else. It is growing new leaves at the top, but it hasn't bloomed in a while. I have it in my office at work which gets no sunlight at all.

    Any help will be most appreciated.

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    Peace lily in water

    The lack of natural light and nutrients are causing your peace lily to gradually decline. Although peace lilies do not like direct sun, they do best when they get bright indirect light, such as on a north window sill. Directly under a fluorescent light that is on for 8 hours per day should be adequate. Add a very tiny amount of plant food to the water to provide nutrients.

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    Although mine never bloomed, I had a fighting fish in the bowl with the plant and the combination of fish food and fish poop kept my plant healthy (until the fish died and the plant was returned to dirt). It is still growing like crazy but has yet to bloom and the tips are turning yellow. I learned that too much water and too much direct sunlight could cause that. I also read that too much water rots the roots but they seem to do well in pure water ( guess no oxygen keeps the roots from rotting).

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