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    Smile I love kitchen herbs

    So far I have sage-3, lemon balm-1 1/2,lol, greek oregano-3, a 3'x3' section of mamoth dill, 5 rosemary,. 6 flat leaf parsley, 4 french tarragon, bout 17 cilantro,10 basil sweet, thyme, this week I am going to put in marjoram, and summer savory and fennel. for the first time I am tryin to grow potted bay laurel-should be interesting. I jsut love being out there and smelling the air and then using all these little lovelies,lol.
    Does anyone plant an herb bed?

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    Winddancer, that sounds lovely. We just plant herbs wherever they seem to fit in. The annuals often end up in pots on the deck.


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    I have started the drying of the herbs,lol. I put in more of everything and am starting flats of herb must have's for the kitchen.... I jsut like growing stuff I guess,lmao.... I got handed some cayenne so this year I am going to try making my own spice with that.....
    should be fun....

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    I love growing herbs. I have hardy herbs and annuals in the garden. Inside I grow scented geraniums, lemongrass, bay, and pineapple sage.

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