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    Tropicals (or Tropical wanna-be's) in Zone 6

    Hi there. I am in Zone 6 in MA. This summer, I completely renovated most of my property with a backhoe, etc. - the whole 9 yards. With the exception of natural growth perimeter shrubs, trees and grapevine, I have a blank slate to work with. I have some shrubs, perrenials and trees here and there, but most can be moved if need be. I want to crete a series of garden rooms, some with thems. I have been working on the "bones", creating beds, etc. One area I would truly love to have is a "tropical" room. Given that I really can't have true tropicals that are hardy enough (yes, I know I can overwinter them, but I can only do that on a very limited basis), I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions. I know there is at least one palm that will survive here. I am open to any and all suggestions. Thanks! Peace and blessings.

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    Hi Green Biscuit,
    I'm thinking clumping bamboos, hardy hibiscus, maybe even a banana. Here while visiting in Peru I've seen lirope grown. Take a look at this conversation. They recommend a couple of good books too.

    Sometimes acanthus mollis will be hardy with protection such as a brick or stone wall behind it and lots of winter mulch.


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    there is the hardy musa basjoo that is hardy to z5 , but you must mulch it.* there are also*a number of plants with the tropical look that really arnt, go for those. and good luck!

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    I have successfully grown a hardy hibiscus in my zone 5 yard maybe you could*look into that. It has a nice tropical feeling . I know these would have to pulled up every year and stored but, cannas are also nice.

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    Confusion between tropicals and exotics.

    Lingonberries and Canadese grapes are hardy enough. Both not tropical but exotic yes! Black pomegranate comes from Siberia. Mini Ki'wiberries (Actinidia arguta) also. All these are very edible ! (I am only interested in fruit or medicinal used plants) Beauty is the least important to me.

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