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Thread: no blooms

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    no blooms

    Hi there

    I am sure this has been asked but it says no posts in this subject?

    My Peony isn't blooming and never has... it is about 4-5 yrs old. I split it a couple years ago and put part of it in a sunnier location... lots of leaves but it also is not blooming...

    I have heard that I am not supposed to plant it too deep. Even though I couldn't see an "eye" looking thing on the root, the chunk I moved I planted fairly shallow. Its back, they both are... but neither have buds/blooms. :(

    One is part sun the other is almost full sun.

    any advise??

    Happy Gardening!

    PS: also cant get a silver lace vine to bloom... (posted under vines)

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    Hi Bobauna,

    Peony need full sun of 6 hours or more to bloom. They also like organic material in the soil. They often won't bloom for up to 4 years after division and transplanting, which is best done in fall. Here's some helpful info about these long lived plants.


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