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    Potentillas (bushes)

    I planted two potentilla plants late last summer. They both had flowers then. In the last week one of the plants have flowers and the other does not. They are in the same small area (four plants apart). These plants have a one year guarantee but my friend tells me to wait (it is only early June now) Is it possible that this plant will not bloom this year, but will bloom next year?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Karen,

    You don't say where you live or which potentillas you have, but if they are both the same variety and the one without flowers has leaves, it could be that the one without flowers will bloom later in the season. If the one with no flowers also has no leaves, then it might be dead. It sounds like you purchased them late last summer, so you still have time to see if it blooms.


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