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    Climbing pea vines

    I've changed the way I set up my garden. Everything that can climb is now planted to do so.
    Not really for space saving but possibly a way to eliminate unwanted weeds and grass. A real problem
    Anyway I need a pea variety that climbs.
    Everything I find locally says grows sturdy 1 1/2 foot plants.
    So can anyone recommend a good climbing pea variety.
    have a good 1

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    hmmmmm. the only peas I have grown which are taller than the standard of about 2.5 feet( ie: green arrow, or homesteader) are the edible podded sugar snap and snow peas. they get up to about 3.5-4 feet tall in my area, (especially the snow peas.)
    If you want regular garden peas have a look at some old fashioned and/or heirloom pea varieties as they may grow taller. modern varieties tend to be bred compact as this is what many people are looking for these days as many gardeners have less space than in years gone by when very large gardens were the norm. careful though when choosing old fashioned varieties because they can sometimes be more susceptable to disease than newer ones.
    Sweet peas will climb up to 6--7 feet under ideal conditions but of course these are flowers, I am assuming you meant edible pea varieties.
    Anybody else grow taller garden peas?

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    yes...i have snow peas and sugar (sweet?) peas. here are some pics.
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