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    Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

    I just planted a 2-3 year Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and in two days its tip browned and dried and needles turned brown. My question is if the leader branche is cut will it grow anymore..or just stop growing?
    Please Help!

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    Sounds like Cedar Needle Blight

    A species of the fungus Kabatina, has been associated with blighted needles of Atlas and deodora cedars. The blighted needles and new shoots often have a characteristic tan-pink color in the spring and early summer. Similar symptoms also are common without evidence of fungal fruiting bodies. THIS DAMAGE is attributed to environmental stress.

    ... planting stress?

    Information on Cedar -- Needle Blight, An Online Guide to Plant Disease Control, Oregon State University


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    weeping blue atlas cedar

    What do i do? Cut the browned tip off or leave it? If i leave it will it become green again or the browning continue down to the rest of the tree? And if i cut it will the tree stop growing and stay the size it is?

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