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    I was looking up info on growing berries (blackberries and raspberries) and found this*
    Also avoid planting where any nightshade family members - tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, peppers - grew in the last 2 years, as they can transmit verticillium wilt to blackberry plants.
    how close would be too close for these plants to be?* There's not much I want to plant, but I do have tomatoes, and am going to plant some sweet potatoes too.* would opposites of the same 6ft bed still be too close?* I can find somewhere else for the berries, it's just not as great a spot for them, though there's really no other place for the rest of the garden.

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    If you can't wait the two years, I'd say 6' is way too close.* If you have a heavy rain the entire area will be soaked and water travels through the soil.* If you can find a variety you like that is resistant to the wilt, you will need to find another area.

    You can do a google with terms such as:
    blackberry + resistant + verticillium wilt


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    I agree 6' is too close the berries should be at the oppposite end asuming that there is plenty of distance, I grow blackberries and raspberries but my tomatoes are grown in long containers in the green house, you can get superb berry crops and they are quite hardy.

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