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    what don't deer like?

    I want to landscape on the north side of my outdoor riding arena (240 feet long, full sun) and was planning to transplant some daylillies there until my sister said I would be wasting my time because the deer love them. We have lots of deer on our 40 acres but they seem to leave ornamentals alone, perhaps because we have enough fields for them to graze... but they routinely pass by the area I want to plant. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Generally strongly aromatic plants. Lavender, marigolds, geranium. In some areas, not even those are safe.

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    One of the most effective ways to minimize damage from deer browsing is to plant ornamentals that the deer donít like. The same goes for trees and shrubs.


    Generally speaking odiferous and fuzzy flowers are not the first choice for deer. And while deer will devour Tulips, they usually leave Daffodils and Allium alone.

    The following ornamentals appear on many lists: Astillbe, Baptista, Bleeding Heart, Catmint, Bloody Cranesbill, Dusty Miller, Evening Primrose, Ferns, Foam Flower, Foxglove, Iris, Lavender, Monarda, Nasturtium, Peony, Salvia, Santolina, and Yarrow.


    Because of their strong taste and smell, herbs are usually avoided by deer. Some landscapers recommend using herbs as a natural barrier to keep deer away from more desirous plants.

    Among the herbs that generally are not favored are: Chives, Chili Pepper, Garlic, Mints, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and Wintergreen.
    Trees and Shrubs

    As you might imagine, plants with thorns and prickly leaves are not among the plants deer will go after Ė usually. So topping the list of deer resistant trees and shrubs are plants like Holly, Barberry and Hawthorn.

    Also on many lists are: Boxwood, Butterfly Bush, Colorado Blue Spruce, Cotoneaster, Honeysuckle, Japanese Maple, Magnolia, Russian Olive, and Virburnum.

    Plants to avoid:

    Just as deer have their dislikes, so do they have their favorites. Topping most lists are Hostas, Lilies, Tulips and Yews. If you new to an area and want to see what not to plant, take a drive around and note what shows signs of being eaten or is just non-existent.

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    thanks for the helpful input! I think I am going to try to get enough cuttings from my sage plant to root this fall, grow them indoors this winter and transplant them next spring. very pretty and maybe the deer will leave them alone. thanks, Carbery

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    Go to your barber shop, and get you some human hair. Put it around in this area. The hunman odor keeps them away. Be sure and replenish every few weeks.

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