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    Plant A Free Tree!


    I'd like to announce the grand opening of plant a free tree . com. Our site will plant a free tree for every single person who becomes a member (US/Canada only)!

    We are sponsored by corporations which enables us to plant trees for every single signup! It is totally 100% free to signup and takes about 3 minutes of your time!

    Planting a single tree will reduce your carbon output for the year by about 5% so it is a good start on your way to living a carbon neutral environmentally friendly life style!


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    For those reading this thread I caution "caveat emptor" - "let the buyer beware". Not much in life is free, so if you register at the above mentioned site and give your personal information, know that you might be subject to spam in the future.

    There are many 'free tree' programs in several cities in the US, and a google search can often turn these up. also will send you 10 free trees (whips really) when you join for $10.


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