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    insects on rose plants

    hai ,
    iam vasavi. thanks for previous replys.
    i have a major problem with my indoor rose plants. one is canyon cupido rose. its growing very well but suddenly the leaves are getting dry and falling of the plant. what i observed is there is a white powdery substance and there are some small tiny white insects on the back parts of the leaves.

    the other is parade rose.its growing very well. it has alot of buds.
    but suddenly today i found that the plant is has alot of insects.
    they are very tiny and black.

    BTW the leaves on both plants are getting white spots.

    please help me with some remedy.and please make my plants grow back again.
    i will be very thankfull if i get any suggestions as soon as possible.

    tank you.

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    pruninggal Guest

    Hi Vasavi

    Are your roses inside or outside? If outside you may have aphids or mites. They can be hosed off with a spray of water. Do this in the morning so they have time to dry off so other diseases aren't invited. Indoor plants are another ball game ... let us know!


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