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    Smile spruce versus holly

    Hi. Hoping for some advice. Nursery recommended I plant a blue holly under a corner tree to block our neighbors garage. I accidentally bought a blue spruce. Will this work as well? it's a compact colorado blue spurce. looks like it will grow to same size 6-8' as the holly, but wondering how it will do under another tree...Thanks. (in boston)

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    Hi Cindygo,

    Without the complete botanical names of both trees it would be difficult to say if the blue spruce will work for you. I also found it confusing that you said you were planting it under another tree. Maybe you mean next to?

    Blue spruce isn't a long lived tree and would be more prone to disease then a holly. Maybe you can post a picture?

    I've also moved your question to the 'Trees' forum so you have a better chance of getting more answers.


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