I'm having trouble figuring out just how to do this.

I have 20 bulbs. I bought a shallow glass bowl that I filled with river pebbles. I put the bulbs in dry, snuggling them down in place, but not burying them. They do not touch one another. This is as far as I have gone so far.

I plan to put some pretty moss over the pebbles for decorative purposes only. I know these bulbs do not need a chilling period, so I plan to put them in a cupboard-dry- until I start to water them. I will start watering about four weeks before I want them to bloom. I plan to water them up to the level of the bottom of the bulbs, but no further, checking the water level a couple of times a week. When I begin to water them, I will bring them out of the cupboard and put them in indirect light.

Question 1. I have some 9-59-8 fertilizer dissolved in water. Is it OK to use this during the watering period?

Q2: Does the above regimen lack anything? I don't want to blow this.

Q3: Is the moss thing OK, or should I skip it? Should I bury the bulbs in the pebbles? Should I cover the bulbs with the moss, or should I leaves the pointed tips (or more) showing?

Thanks in advance for expert advice! EFG