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    Growing tomatoes in an upside down planter thingy

    Has anyone had any success with these upside down planter/garden thingys? - The Upside Down Tomato Garden

    I dont have alot of success with my gro bags and am thinking of giving them a try as an alternative but I have red mixed reviews and not sure if its because some people are not setting them up correctly.


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    I up two of these . I'd always loved the idea of upside down tomatoes, but the 'topsy turvy' thing is so .

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    What do you think about those bags that grow the tomato plants upside down?

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    I like the idea of fresh vegetables - particularly tomatoes - but the idea of spending lots of time tending to a traditional garden, so the idea of growing tomatoes upside down appealed to me.

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    The tomato is planted through the bottom hole of the planter, bag, or basket. It grows suspended downwards.
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    I have been growing tomatoes upside down in a vertical gro-bag planter with good success.

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