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    round shiny black...

    last fall,we hd a bunch of these little[lady bug size] shiney,black beatles,with 1 round,red dot on each side....we live in Florence,AZ,,,they really liked our Indian Rosewood tree,and our Desert Willows...they left after about 2 weeks,,and I found a lot dead on the ground,,,any ideas?Sorry,no pix...

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    You say the ones you saw liked the Indian Rosewood - any damage to those trees? We had Emerald Ash Borers last year here in Ohio. Very destructive. The adults aren't really the culprits, it's the larvae that they lay in the interior of the tree that's the problem. Sounds similar to our problem just from your very limited description.

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    A tweet told me to use this URL

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    Quote Originally Posted by backyardgardener View Post
    A tweet told me to use this URL
    That site's awesome! I now know what a squash borer looks like. :)

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