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    nancy Guest

    drooping gardenia blossoms

    My beloved gardenias, which are in a pot on the deck where they get full sun (I'm in Southern California), and which have been doing beautifully for months, suddenly hae drooping blossoms. When I look up what it could possible be I get all different possibilities: too much water, too little water, too much sun, too little sun.... which is it?? Does anyone have any insight?

    I usually water it when it feels almost (but not quite!) completelty dry at about 2 inches down. The soil in there tests as slightly acid, which should be perfect.


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    I had the same problem with my gardenia and I read somewhere that I should spray it every evening. Well, I tried it and within a week the buds stopped falling.

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    All your remarks are really irrelevant to the discussed topic.

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