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    Organic solution for Squash-vine Borers?

    I live in the South and love my squashes. Has anyone had success preventing squash-vine borers organically?! I have tried aluminum around the stems to prevent boring and a friend has tried pheromone traps to catch bugs w/o success. Even my pest resistant Butternuts eventually succumbed. Row covers seem involved since squashes (esp Butternut, pumpkins) get so big but if someone says they work great I'll give it a shot!

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    Nadeau Tree Farms stated : I plant radishes with all my cucurbits, and let them just grow; ((Some of)) The worms seem to tunnel thru them instead.....

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    Smile If you are still looking for ideas...

    This web site has some VERY useful information on organic solutions to pests! I found it helpful for my current flea beetle problem.

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