Hey, I'm new to the forum but I pretty much signed up because I wanted to get some good opinions.

I live in Southern California and have completely uprooted EVERYTHING in my front yard (back yard is next). Instead of a lawn, the previous owner bricked everything in but left a planter that wraps around to one side of the house. My current vision is to create a dense screen as an outer border.

The sun passes over my house is such a way that it pretty much provides all day direct sun.

I'm thinking of planting Brush Cherry as my first step and keeping it trim to about 6 feet. For color I was thinking maybe a Mexican Heather or something (still looking around; I've seen this stuff live and luck beautiful in just about any weather) toward the interior for color and diversity.

So, any ideas? The goal is an outside screen guarding in interior garden. I can upload a picture(s) if it's OK. I think it would help.