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Thread: Privacy Screen

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    Privacy Screen

    Any ideas about which shrubs or other plants would make a good privacy screen? Area would get partial-full sun, soil is fairly moist too.

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    Please tell us about your gardening zone.

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    privacy screen in windy area

    I am new to this forum and would love to know what you actually planted for a privacy screen. We need the same but in a very windy location with deer as well.

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    Hi, I just moved into a new house that already has a shrub privacy screen which works really well. According to my neighbor, they are Emerald Arborvitae and he said they grew very quickly. I'm guessing they were put in 5 years or less from now and they are about 20 -25 ft. high. I am still learning about this tree but so far seems like easy maintenance. Hope this helps!

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