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    Ideal shrubs for garden handicrafts

    Hi, I'm looking for a shrub that is not invasive and from which I can harvest branches to build garden components such as trellises, stakes, poles, etc. I would like the circumference of the branches to range from about 1/2 to 1 inch or so. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Bamboo is a possibility. Depends on where you live, and what conditions you have for growing, but there are almost certainly bamboos that would fit the bill for you. You'll want a clumping type. Plenty of bamboo specialists on the internet.

    Most trees that would give you some nice straight branches are doing so because they are growing rapidly, not necessarily a sign of strength or of contained growth habit.

    I frequently use fallen limbs from my sycamore to make small supports, but they are pretty earthy, with some crookedness and irregularity.

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