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    I need help identifying these shrubs in my yard - PLEASE!

    I've lived in my new home for a year, but have never gotten around to finding out what these are. I search online, but couldn't find help. PLEASE HELP ME!
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    okay, I've found out that the pink fluffy one is a chinese loropetulum and the small one with white flowers is an indian hawthorne. I still need to know what the ones in pictures 3 and 5 (picture 2 is a close up to 5). I'm thinking it's in the azalea family?

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    Picture 3 kinda looks like a euonymus japonica. A closer detailed picture would help.

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    milbwk. I would like to help. But it would help me if you would say where in the world you live and when the pics were taken.
    1. Looks like Loropetalum chinense f rubrum.

    loropetalum chinense f rubrum - Google Search

    2. and 5. Are not an Azalea. I cannot get a good look at the flowers , but depending on when the pics were taken it is either a Prunus or a Malus.

    3. Agree with JCalhoun, it looks like Euonymus. Possibly E. japonicus ovatus aureus. or E. japonicus aureus. The amount of gold on the leaves can be very variable. Close up pics would help.

    4. Looks like Rhaphiolepis umbellata. Close up pics would help.
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