Hey everyone! Please bear with him me if I seem a little slow. I'm new to all types of gardening and I'm just looking for advice in this particular situation.

Basically, I'm starting a new Bonzai project in my very own home. Problem is that it tends to get very dry, and I'm worried that the dry air could have an adverse effect on my plants. Would it be wise to utilize a humidifier or would that just make things worse? I've never dealt with Bonzai plants before!

I do have a Aprilaire Humidifier in my studio apartment, and I actually DO need it. I feel like I'm in a "damned if ya do, damned if ya don't" situation. I need a humidifier, but it may ruin the plants. It's too dry and that itself may ruin the plants. What the heck should I do? O_O