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    Yard Food's Veggie Journal 2011

    Look! It's Pandora's Box!


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    Lets open it!


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    Day 1 Germination

    What we did here is build a sprout box out of left over peg board, salvaged wire, a lamp kit and a big fluorescent light bulb and some Killz primer.

    The peg board should work well because it will let air move around through the holes, it's fairly sturdy for this job and can be painted. And because it was left over material.

    The wire I got from cleaning out a place I used to work. We used it to wire together the corners to hold the box together. This way, we can open and close the sides with no tools. The lid of the box also comes off. The whole thing can be taken apart with no tools and stored flat when no in use.

    The lamp kit came from Ace and had everything you need to plug in a light bulb. Except a light bulb. It's screwing in two wires. Easy.

    The big fluorescent light bulb is a regular use bulb. I didn't spring for a grow bulb. This one is 27w 5500k 'natural daylight'. They say the cool blue color (k kelvin) is good for sprouts and vegetative growth. Bonus for us.

    Killz is white so it reflects light and heat. It's also water and mold resistant. And we had some on hand.

    The seeds are in peat plugs in the tray that comes as a kit. I didn't use the clear plastic dome. Tried it last year and got mold.

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    What we are growing in the box. These are a mix of Burpee and Ferry Morse seed from Home Depot.

    Tomato, Delicious
    Cayenne, Long
    Sweet Banana pepper
    Bell pepper, Carnival
    Cucumber, Market More Sweet

    We did Market More 76 before and they produced like mad.

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    Day 4 Germination

    The wonders of time travel! Not really. I took the first pictures 4 days ago. All the cukes, tomatoes, thyme and marjoram have sprouted.


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    We put several seeds per peat plug. We'll have some thinning to do.

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    128 square feet. There will be other veggies in here. Yeah, yeah. Tomato is a fruit. We're doing herbs too but I ain't typing veggie, fruit and herb garden every time. I'm lazy. Hence the weed blocker plastic. We usually don't use them but weeds were a big problem last year. Hey, it's made of recycled tires and stuff so that's cool. This is an organic grow, by the way.

    We have two types of soaker hose because two types is what I had that weren't dry rot. More recycled tires.

    The fence, crude yet effective, keeps the dogs out. We get opossums and skunks. It may keep out the skunks but the Opossum will just climb over it. Ain't too worried about that anyway.

    Here soon I'll be bagging leaves with the mower to use as mulch. We don't plan on planting for another week or two and the bulk won't be in til April. We're on the zone 7/8 line and have seen winter in March before.


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    3-6-11 Day 6

    Only the peppers left to sprout. The pack says 10-12 days. It's only been 6. So don't start freaking out.

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    3-8-11 Day 8

    Most of the peppers have sprouted now. Just barely, but they are there.

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    Everything in the tray is up!

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