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    Garden Pics

    share some of your garden photos for 2010...
    here are some of mine.
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    here are some more
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    i am growing:
    snow peas
    sugar peas
    cowpeas (pole)
    green beans (pole and bush)
    yellow wax beans (bush)
    lima beans (bush)
    fordhook limas (bush)
    butterpeas (bush)
    tomatoes (4 varieties)
    Peppers (10 varieties)
    Calico Limas (pole, from Th. Jefferson's Monticello)
    acorn squash
    yellow crook neck squash
    dark green and gray zucchini squash

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    Here's a little garden porn from south Texas!
    In the garden are:
    Green Beans (2 varieties)
    Cucumber (2 varieties)
    Yellow Squash
    Spaghetti Squash
    Japanese Eggplant
    Peppers (4 varieties)
    Tomato (5 varieties)
    The garden boxes will contain kitchen herbs, medicinal herbs, and cantaloupe

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    Very nice. It looks like you worked hard on this.

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    update: some very noticeable growth since last pics posted...i have tomato blossoms and strawberries!
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    and some more!
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    this is a tough room...nobody has anything to say. ahh well...
    here are some more updates on the pictures...
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    Quote Originally Posted by razyrsharpe View Post
    and some more!
    Nice work razyrsharpe!
    What kind of plant with berries is it, in the first picture, with your hand?

    Learn how I grow my own food:

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    I hope you like these:

    Happy Gardening All,
    -Kristina K.

    Urban Farm Wife
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