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Thread: Garden Pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by razyrsharpe View Post
    Cool! Did you plant them or are they wild? I would like to grow some, so tips are welcome. You need special soil, right?

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    my parents planted them years ago (2 bushes). the rest have grown off the root system of the original two. we are dividing them this season in the fall. as far as the mother never did a huge amount of amending the soil. i know she would fill the hole with cow manure and maybe some peat moss thouroughly mixed together and she watered like crazy for a week or two. that was it. good luck, they are a fun fruit to grow.

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    here are some updated pics...tomatoes and zucchini are growing well as are the yellow crook neck squash. my pole beans are taller than the trellis and more blossoms on more plants each and every day.
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    Thanks for the pics. We hope to have some of our own up in a few days.

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    I hope you like these:

    Happy Gardening All,
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    There’s something quite peaceful about standing in a vegetable garden.

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    Pics of your favorite garden would be great.

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    This is my most complete garden as my main sim in this house wanted to be a gardener.

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    I know your feeling sweetjess, I hope they add a gardener soon
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