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    Vine with large pods.

    There is a vine growing over my sister's porch which has pods unlike any I have seen before.

    The pods (they are not present yet - the plant is still blooming) are large and fat, perhaps several inches long and over an inch wide. They are a blueish-green color, if I remember right.

    I am attaching pictures of the flowers (which are in bloom right now) and leaves.
    The plant is growing in Bellingham, Washington.
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    Does it have a chocolatey smell? If so, it could be chocolate vine, or five leaf akebia. Chocolate Vine

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    Thanks, Doopy.

    I don't recognize a chocolatey smell, but then again I don't know what a cacao plant smells like.

    This definitely seems to be what the plant is, though.

    These pods look just like what I remember from last season. They were still fairly green when I visited, but I'll watch for the purple color next time.

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