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    A new Hosta photo site

    Dear friends,

    On WWW.HOSTACOLLECTIE.BE you can see the first results of my own Hosta photo site.In the future I will frequently update the site with more and more photos

    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute

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    Many new Hosta photos

    Dear friends,

    I have given my site a new photo update. Under the button ' Updates ' you can see new phots from rare and seldom seen Hostas as H.Gosan Shining, H.Spring Circle, H.Black Jack, H.Theo's Blue and many more...

    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute

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    pruninggal Guest
    Hello Danny,

    I just visited your site and really liked all the pictures, even if I didn't understand what the captions were :) Thank you for sharing,


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    New Hosta-photos from this year

    Dear friends,

    This week I have given my site ( , see button ' Updates' ) a new update. You can see photos from H.Dressed In Green, H.Brass Ring, H.Bread Crumbs, H.Anglo Saxon,and many more.
    This update is the first one in a serie with photos I took this summer.
    I hope you 'll enjoy it.
    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute

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    Dear friends,

    It is winter and the Hostas are sleeping. An ideal time to watch some Hostapictures.
    Today, I've find the time to give my website a new update. A lot of seldom seen Hostaphotos are placed as there are : H.kiyosumiensis, H.longipes f.sparsa, H.longipes ' Tenryu Nishiki '. H.Little Jay, H.Concord, H.Lakeside Fruit Loops, H.Lakeside A Go Go, H.Lakeside Hazy Morn, H.Little Red Rooster ( a new photoserie from my own Hostahybrid ), and more.....
    From most of this Hosta's you also can see detailphotos from the leaf, petioles or flowers.
    See also the photos from H.longipes var.latifolia ' Izu' in the ' Nieuws Flash ' .
    This is not a commercial site. Just information that I want to share with you.

    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute ( see under the button ' updates ' )

    I hope you like it

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    Dear friends,

    This week I have given my site a new update with Hostaphotos from my
    collection. This series photos includes photos from seldom seen
    Hostas as H.Don Juan, H.Hotspur, H.Orinoco Flow, H.Moonlight Mirage
    and much more.
    You can also see H.Ghostmaster, a new Hosta from myself. This is a
    sport from H.Ghost Spirit with a clear white center during the whole
    See ( under the button 'updates' )

    I hope you 'll enjoy it,
    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute

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    Dear Hostafriends,

    I have given a new photo update. More then 50 photos are added. You can see photos from seldom seen Hostas as H.Red Tubes, H.Pretty Flamingo, H.Red Sox, H.Yucca Ducka Do,and many more.... Also photos from brandnew Hostas as H.Silver Shadow ( a variegated H.Devon Green ),H.Paradise Sandstorm, H.THeo's Green,H.Sky Dancer ( flower ),....
    See under the button 'Updates'.

    I hope you'll enjoy it.
    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute

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    Dear Hostafriends,

    I'm back ! The growing season is ending. The Hostas are preparing them for the coming winter. As last winter the website from Hostacollectie will be updated regulary with new articles and photoseries.Today I have started the update season with a new series of photos. On (under the button 'Updates'), you can find new photos that I 've made this summer. You can enjoy classic Hostas as H. Halcyon, H. Gold Standard and more, exclusive new Hostas as H. Vermont Frost, H. Tongue of Flame and other seldom seen Hostas.
    Under the button 'Nieuws Flash' there is permanently attention for new Hostaintroductions.
    I hope you 'll enjoy my not commercial website.

    Friendly regards,
    Danny Van Eechaute

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    What is H Theo's Blue?* I am looking for a flower/plant named Theo for a rememberance ceremony for a child that recently passed away and your posting came up.* Any ideas would be grately appreciated.

    Regards, HHB

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    Hi HHB,

    So sorry to hear of your loss. That would be Hosta 'Theo's Blue'.

    If you decide to purchase through mail order you can check references here.* You can also search by state and plant material.


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