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    Is it safe to transplant Glads???????

    Last year I had the great idea of putting in a summer blooming bulb garden. Unfortunately, the area that I painstakingly weeded and prepared for my new bulbs had been taken over by the same weed problem this year, only times 10. Does anyone know if it is safe to transplant my Glads after their leaves have sprouted? They are about 3 inches tall at the most. I would like to get them out of that mess before the weeds get even worse. Any info would help! Thanks!

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    Yes, I believe you can successfully transplant Gladioli
    I know that You can start Glads indoors to give them a head start so I don't see why you can't transplant them from one garden bed to another. I would say the sooner the better while they are still small. be carefull not to damage the new roots and tuck them in their new spots right away. It will be a bit of a pain so I hope you don't have hundreds. :) well maybe I do hope you have hundreds because they are so beautiful!
    It should work.

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