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    Unhappy what can I do with these hemlocks now they've been so delimbed? (pic attached)

    HI all -

    A crazy landscaper came by and instead of delimbing my hemlocks 3' above the ground, he delimbed them like 20' above the ground (see pic.)
    I need advice re:
    1)what I can do for a privacy screen and
    2)if I should keep the hemlocks or cut them down.

    I like my hemlocks but don't want them to look silly b/c (1) they are delimbed on one side and green on my neighbor's side and 2) they are not even delimbed evenly - some have no branches 25' up the tree while others have been delimbed for just 15'.

    Should I delimb them all up to the highest point, so they look "even?" What can I plant in front of them so the hemlocks "necks" don't show? It's the uneven part that really bothers me.

    I'd like to plant arborvitae trees but don't know if they should be planted between the hemlocks (or a few feet in front, rather) or if the hemlocks should be pulled out....or what. HELP! :)

    Very desperate....

    Thx thx june
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