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    How do I attract bees, FAST!!

    Help!! My vegis are growing well this year, but I have not seen the bees and other insects in the garden as much this year. Anyone know how to attract them quickly, as this is prime pollinization time in Maryland. Thanks.

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    Hello Huddy,
    It would be hard to come up with something very quickly aside from interplanting your veggies now with purchased and already blooming flowers such as marigolds from your local nursery. better to plan for that next year if you want. The good news is that only certain vegetable crops require insect pollinators to produce fruit . bumblebees and honey bees are the most common and well known pollinators but there are others less noticeable which may also be at work behind the scenes in your garden.
    Firstly, all vegetables which are grown for leaves such lettuce, spinach, chard, all brassicas such as cabbage, brocolli and all root vegetables such as carrots, beets and turnip do not require pollination unless you are trying to produce seed to save.
    other common garden vegetables such as tomatos, corn, peppers, beans and peas are all self or "wind" pollinated and do not require insect pollinators...
    The biggest class of vegetables which require pollination by bees or other insects is the curcubit family such as squash, zuccini, pumpkin, melon, and most cucumbers . If you are worried about a total lack of good insect pollinators, you can take matters into your own hands and "be a bee". meaning you can hand pollinate your melon, cucumbers and squash yourself. find male flowers and pick them them annd then simply brush the male flower parts lightly into a female flower. you can find easy instuctions on the web of how to identify each of the types of flower and how to do this hand pollination procedure.. then you can really call yourself a gardener as you actually "bred" your own vegetables!! how sexy is that? haha
    :) happy gardening and if you want to attract more bees next year try catmint, oregano, marigolds and scarlet runner beans. the hairy little buzzers really like these
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