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    Onion Question...

    I have both yellow & red onions which I planted from sets. They are doing really well, and a friend of mine told me that if I want big onions, that I should bend over the green scallion part so that the energy goes back into the bulb.

    Do any of you do that with YOUR onions? Thanks!


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    Hello there,

    you don't say where you live but if you already have big onions growing, you must be from somewhere far south of me! :)

    there are different opinions regarding the idea of bendding or breaking the tops of onions too "divert" the energy to the bulb rather than the leaves.
    My practiice is to always remove any flower stalks that develop by cutting then off cleanly with a sharp knife to avoid the plants from putting energy into seed production but I leave the leaves alone as they are the source of photosynthesis for the plant and help them to produce energy in the form of carbohydrates which are stored in the bulbs. toward the end of the season the tops of onions will naturally "fall over" and when that starts to happen naturally I help them along(and keep the row looking neat) by bending them all over in one direction. It is my opinion that if this is done before the plants are naturally ready to do without their leaves that it will actually retard the growth of the bulbs. I also think that bending over/breaking the leaves prematurly can interfere with the proper development of the neck of the onion resulting in onions which rot quickly in storage.. In a nutshell,, I think the onions know what's best and I let them grow their tops until they get floppy and fall over by themselves.
    Do cut off the flower stalks though. that will help your onions grow bigger bulbs.
    for what it's worth, a Canadian opinion.
    happy gardening

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