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    My pumpkin plants are doing great. One, however, is vining all over the place. I know that I can tip off the ends which will cease growth and then will not produce any more pumpkins than have already blossomed. However, I am wondering if it will hurt either the pumpkin plant or my other plants in the garden if I direct the vines to weave in rows among potatoes and tomatoes? Or is pinching the ends recommended for other reasons? I have some blossoms near the main vine, but none on the branching out vines yet. Thanks!

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    I would recommend you pollinate your pumpkin before you prune.

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    Agree. wait until you have some pumpkins on the vine before pruning the vine.
    you can "guide" the vines between other rows with the only harm being it will make it difficult to weed the other rows as well as to pick the produce if you have to tippy toe between your pumpkin vines. The other problem may be that the large leaves of the pumpkin plants can shade out your other vegetable plants.
    folks tend to underestimate the amount of space pumpkins need. 3 vigorous plants in a hill in the center of a 20 foot circle is about right for traditional large pumpkins. for smaller spaces there are some excellent new pumpkin varieties which are much more compact than traditional varieties and can even be trained up a trellis to save space in smaller gardens.
    unless you want jack-o-lanterns, I would like to suggest for you to try a squash such as butternut or acorn instead of pumpkins next year. for cooking, the flesh of squash has better flaver and they are easier to manage and more versatile than pumpkin. you can make better "pumpkin" pie from any winter squash than from actual pumpkins. squash plants meander like pumpkins but not nearly as big so they take up less space in the garden and you will get more out of them I think.
    anyway, some ideas...jack-o-lanterns are fun too and you can't make a good one out of a butternut squash !! lol
    happy gardening :)

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